Facilities and Services: What’s in the Lab

The NECSTLab offers several facilities such as computing equipment, resources and services such as web hosting for small projects, code repositories.

Access to the facilities that require network connectivity is regulated by the Basic Rules: Dos and Don’ts and is granted once you obtain access to the lab (see How to Access the Lab).

How to Obtain Access to the Computing Resources and Services

When working in the lab, you are allowed to connect to the local network via wired medium (see Local Network) and reach unauthenticated services and resources. For requests involving computing resources and IT services, please email The System Administrator.


Need more resources or extra services?

Ask your tutor (see Tutors) or the RADRL and be ready to provide thorough motivation for your request. For instance, “can I use machine X disk space for my project?” is usually not enough. Explaining why you need that machine disk space and which is your project would be better in this case.

Computing Resources

Local Network

Just plug in your own computer to any available ethernet plug.

Wireless Access

Just connect to “polimi”, “polimi-protected” (recommended) or “eduroam” following these instructions.

Registering DNS Names

Should you need to register your <myname>.necst.it, just send an email to The System Administrator


There is a color laser printer:

  • Brother DCP-L8450CDW: drivers and instructions.


    In order not to waste paper and toner, please print on both sides of each sheet, and please limit the use of paper and toner (e.g., do not print your thesis!).


Mailing Lists and Communication

There are several mailing lists. Depending on your work area, you should request access (or you already have access) to some of or all the following:

For example, all students working in the laboratory should request access to NECSTLab Students. Students working with the computer security group should request access to NECSTLab Security. Both mailing lists receive emails addressed to NECSTLab General (don’t request access to this list directly).

We also have a team on NECSTLab Slack, an IRC-style chat system, for day to day communication. If you need access, please e-mail The System Administrator to have an account created for you, keeping your tutor or responsible faculty member in CC.

In addition to these mailing lists, join our NECSTLab Facebook Group!

Code Repositories: Git

You can host your code in two places:

  • private (and public) repos: on https://bitbucket.org/necst - you don’t need to be part of the necst team to create and use our repository. Just create a repository with your regular Bitbucket account, and transfer it to the user necst from the settings of your repository. Ask The System Administrator for details.
  • public repos: we have a GitHub account, https://github.com/necst for which you need a personal GitHub account (free).