Basic Rules: Dos and Don’ts

The NECSTLab can be a great place where to work, study, make friends while doing the previous things but more than everything, it represents a great opportunity to live a terrific research experience.

This comes at a cost. You always have to:

  • respect the place,
  • respect the people.

If you do not like something, or you think that something is not fair, please do not keep it for you, or do not try to change it by yourself, but say it out loud.

The Golden Rule

If you are not sure if you’d be allowed to do something, 9 out of 10 cases you are not. Therefore, before doing it, please, contact the RADRL.

Improve the Lab

We want the NECSTLab to be a great place and we need help to improve it. Therefore, if you have an idea, contact RADRL.

What you can do

  • Use the NECSTLab network to get connected to internet.

  • Study in the lab with other folks:

    • all your colleagues have to be allowed to access the NECSTLab. Ask the RADRL in case you need one of your colleagues to access the lab for a few hours.
    • Access to the NECSTLab will not be granted just for studying reason. While working in the lab for your class projects, thesis works, you can also spend some times studying without having to move to other places.
  • Use the lab’s facilities (see Facilities and Services: What’s in the Lab) such as connectivity, computing horse power, software licenses, printers, etc.) to complete your work (the one you got the access to the NECSTLab for).

  • Always remember The Golden Rule!

What you Cannot do

  • Allow external folks to enter the NECSTLab without having previously informed the RADRL.
  • You should not have any problem in getting allowed to access the network, therefore read the Facilities and Services: What’s in the Lab section. Therefore, you must not use the NECSTLab network without the proper authorization:
    • Whatever you’d be able to do to overcome this cannot do it! Being able does not allow you to do it!
    • You cannot spoof the MAC address of your devices
    • You cannot assign to your PC a static IP
  • Unplug NECSTLab machines (PCs or boards) from the network (a.k.a., do not use the ethernet cables that are already used by other machines!)
  • Take home any facilities (e.g., books, docs, PCs, boards, see Facilities and Services: What’s in the Lab).
    • If you do really need something, please contact your tutor (see Tutors)
  • Stay in the lab outside the authorized time (Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm).
    • If you really need to work in the NECSTLab outside the authorized time, please contact your tutor (see Tutors) to find a solution(for the list of NECSTLab Tutors, please visit this page)
  • Always remember The Golden Rule

What you can be Expelled for

  • Using Internet access for illegal actions (e.g. download copyrighted materials such as movie, software).
  • (Helping to) stealing or destroying materials from the NECSTLab
  • Behave inappropriately while in the NECSTLab